About – The Human

Hello! My name is Zac, and I’m the face behind The Tent Peg. 

Born & Bred in the North West of England, being in the outdoors wasn’t all that much of a priority. Having two younger brothers often meant we found most of our adventure in the back garden. Mum & Dad didn’t care much for ‘branching out’ to the Great Outdoors, opting for more urban activities such as skate parks and Go-Karting. 

For me, embracing the outdoors came a little later in life. At the age of 13, I signed up for my Schools’ Combined Cadet Force (Army Section, obviously!). With the CCF came a new-found love for the Great Outdoors (& my girlfriend, Polly, who will feature a lot around here). From using the surroundings to your advantage to the unbeatable freedom and accomplishment when you summit using little more than a map and compass, the CCF showed me just how much enjoyment was available on our doorsteps.

Since then, I’ve been actively enjoying the great outdoors through a healthy mixture of mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, wild camping and occasionally dipping my toes into full frontal mountaineering! 

With TTP, I hope to inspire others to go and discover the very same feelings I did, just a little better informed and much better equipped. I’ll do this by documenting pretty much everything I embark on in relation to the outdoors that I believe could help someone else in any way. 

As a full-time Engineer and part-time outdoors Junkie, I believe I can bring a slightly different perspective and expectation to time-pushed people like myself.