Fjallraven Keb

I think we’ve found the wear anywhere – do anything pants. 

Buying trousers can be something of a nightmare if you’re not straight up and down; Too big on the waist and small on the legs or vise versa, don’t get me started if you’re not of an average height. 

So, being built like a tree stump and a little vertically challenged by all accounts, I’m certainly no stranger to not being able to find trousers that fit me. I’m one of those people that will sooner wear shorts in Baltic conditions just to avoid a poor fitting pair of trousers; ‘every day’s a shorts day’, right? 

After doing some research about it, I found that I’m not alone in my struggles, and there were plenty of recommendations out there for good fittings trousers! Being a none-standard size limits our ‘try-on’ ability, but with amazing turnaround times with online shopping these days, it’d be rude to at least not try on a few different pairs, right? 

That’s when I found the Fjallraven Keb Trousers. Voted ‘best in test’ in a recent Trail Magazine test, and with all round raving reviews, I thought I’d order them in and see how we got on.

The first thing you’ll notice is the price; they’re not cheap and cheerful, and I doubt the main discount centres will have them in stock any time soon. But believe me, they are worth the price twice over. 

The main panels are made from Fjallravens’ revered G-1000 fabric – an extremely durable blend that can be waterproofed easily using wax. This gives a feel of toughness to the trousers, and these panels are in all the right places. I’ve worn these for about 12 months now and have done all manner of sliding, kneeling and climbing in them, with literally no signs of wear yet showing.

But the real win here is the fit – Fjallraven have used a very stretchy material in all the places where flex is welcome; between and round the top of your legs, along with a band around the top of your behind, means that while they will fit all manner of body shapes, they’ll also make sure that the trousers stay secure on your person!

Finally, in an absolute dealmaker for me, the cuff of the trouser legs are adjustable. Even with their plethora of sizes suitable for anyone with long or short legs, the ability to tighten and loosen the trouser cuff means you can make sure the leg doesn’t end up under your shoes – a sure fire way of ruining your new trousers and drive you mental out on the trail. They’ve also survived many, many washes in a washing machine, which goes some way of showing how well built they are.

These features all make for a trouser that will quite literally impress anyone with their fit. Add to that the numerous pockets, proper belt loops and the rumours that the worlds special forces favour these very trousers as standard issue, there is little reason I can give not to buy these trousers. Several pairs. Immediately.

These have been such a comfortable fit, that I have quickly defaulted to wearing them pretty much every day. They’re durable enough to climb mountains without a worry and comfortable enough to mooch around the shops in.

Stand-Out Features

  • Designed for freedom of movement and durability on challenging treks.
  • Ventilation zippers from hips to knees, and down calves.
  • Detachable strap adjustments at leg endings, boot hooks and loops for stirrups. 
  • Spacious leg pockets with flaps, one with an inside mesh pocket.
  • Regular leg length.
  • Available in a literal plethora of sizes and in Male and Female cuts.

Recommendation Rating – 98%

Fjallraven Keb – RRP £200 at Fjallraven

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